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Top 10 Reasons to Have an In-Home Personal Trainer


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Written by Julia

More to the point:

Top 10 reasons to hire a certified personal trainer to help get YOUR Life in Motion!

  1. Offers a fitness partner who is experienced in working with seniors
  2. Shares personal companionship
  3. Establishes accountability for your exercise efforts
  4. Provides an affordable means to improve health
  5. Makes exercise fun and interesting
  6. Demonstrates how easy it is to be active
  7. Allows you to work in the comfort of your own home
  8. Teaches you proper form
  9. Designs original and appropriate exercise routines
  10. Requires no special equipment

Those are only the top 10 reasons.  There are many more that will more than convince you that you have made the best decision to start in the right direction toward better health and wellness for you and your family.


You can find a qualified, experienced physical fitness instructor in Phoenix, AZ who will come to your home by calling Julia Johnson at 480.264.9567.  You may also find out more by visiting .

About the author
Julia has been a certified personal trainer since 1999 with personal training certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the National Exercise Trainer Association (NETA). She has been a certified group exercise instructor since the early 90's with certifications from NETA and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She has owned and operated a private personal training business since 2010. With her extensive experience in the fitness field, she has been successful in developing strength and conditioning programs for individuals in a variety of age groups from teens to seniors.
~ Julia ~