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Daily Changes and How to Cope


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Written by Julia

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Daily Changes and How to Cope

By now we are vastly familiar with the fact that things around us are changing at a high rate of speed every day.  We are unsure of what to expect, how it will affect us individually, and who will come out on the other end unscathed.

Are you stressed because of the uncertainty? Are you worried you should or should not do something?  Have you been having difficulty sleeping? Do you feel tense and uneasy? Do you snap at people and then immediately regret it? Is your energy in the dumps?

Let’s visit some basic, yet key, ways to alleviate or at least ease some of the daily stress taking over our minds and bodies. These ideas are not new, but they may have been subconsciously put on the back burner.

  • Breathe – It may sound silly to have to be reminded, but as we stress, our breathing becomes more shallow and labored.  Even without noticing, we might be holding our breath during high stress situations.  Count to 4 as you inhale through your nose.  Hold the air in for another count of 4.  Then slowly let the air out for a count of 4.  Repeat this several times in a row and throughout the day.
  • Move – We may see this written or in a video, yet sometimes it just doesn’t occur to us how much our bodies need to be moved on a regular basis each day. Take a short 5 minute break each hour to move around in your space.  Reach up and stretch to the ceiling, walk a few “laps” around your living room or office, swing your arms in gentle circles, sit in your chair and stand up again – over and over.
  • Converse – Call a friend or family member.  No – don’t text!  Speaking to someone and hearing his/her voice is an excellent outlet for stress relief.  The conversation doesn’t have to have an agenda.  Once you make contact, the subject of discussion will organically grow into just what both of you need.
  • Go “Dark” – We know all the social media and technology we have at our fingertips is full of information, both good and bad.  And it’s convenient so we find ourselves immersed for hours a day.  Take a chance and turn it all off.  Even if it’s just for an hour.  You might find much more calming and centering activities with which to busy yourself.

Handling the changes that occur all around us with a healthy and calming approach will help us survive and thrive.  Change and be well!

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About the author
Julia has been a certified personal trainer since 1999 with personal training certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the National Exercise Trainer Association (NETA). She has been a certified group exercise instructor since the early 90's with certifications from NETA and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She has owned and operated a private personal training business since 2010. With her extensive experience in the fitness field, she has been successful in developing strength and conditioning programs for individuals in a variety of age groups from teens to seniors.
~ Julia ~